Virtual & physical corporate cards

Control your spending and keep your finances organized

  • Issue a set number of corporate cards as your team grows
  • Control spending, freeze or cancel cards anytime, anywhere
  • Spend smart and earn more: get 1% cashback on every purchase
  • Virtual and physical cards controlled by user permissions

Virtual and physical Mastercard team cards

  • Easily track and monitor employee spending - online and offline
  • Generate virtual cards in a flash to make and organise payments
  • Distribute a physical card to any employee

1% cashback

Earn while you spend

Spend smart and earn more by getting cashback on every purchase with your Intergiro debit card.

  • Boost your advertising ROI
  • Turn operational costs into rewards
  • Elevate your financial efficiency

Reconciliation made easy

Streamline your business expenses with corporate cards, saving your accountants hours of work.

Discover top use cases for businesses of all types

Administrative expenses

Handle your company’s operating costs with flexibility and complete control.

Easy invoice processing

Process, approve and pay invoices from all of your team members.

Team perks

Manage team perks and other incidental office costs without the need for petty cash.

Subscription management

Control your online spending by managing all subscriptions in one place.

Business travel spending

Scaleable solutions for managing travel spend across your business.

Digital advertising

Control your digital marketing spending across all platforms with smart virtual cards.

Other services

Business accounts

Designed with modern business in mind


Payment management

Complete control of your finances


Team access

Give team members controlled access


Merchant services

Integrated PSP for convenience and faster settlement



Modular pricing that scales with your business



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