Your entire business banking toolkit in one place

Intergiro offers you a one-stop-shop for all your banking needs. Our customers have access to multi-currency accounts, card issuing and card acquiring solutions across Europe.

Multi-currency accounts

International business made easy with multi-currency accounts. Get access to local and international payment rails.

Merchant business account

With a unique bundled package that includes a merchant account and payment account, Intergiro provides faster settlements — unlike most other providers who can take days to payout funds.

Smart spending cards

With Intergiro cards, you can easily track and monitor employee spending across all payment channels - online or offline.

Bulk payments

Create and release hundreds of payments in a few clicks.

Advanced team controls

Restrict one member of your team from viewing transactions (or accounts) and others from creating payments.

Online banking built for modern businesses

Multi-currency IBANS

Hold funds and transact in 8 currencies with unique IBANS


Integrated PSP for convenient and faster settlement


Pay suppliers with SWIFT and 8 local rails


Unlimited virtual and plastic smart cards for your team

Control spending

Set individual spending limits and enjoy a real-time overview


Automate your accounting, payroll and reconciliation with our API

Digital onboarding

No more signing paper forms

Modular pricing

Build a price plan that suits your business

Business banking wherever you work

Our services are designed with modern business in mind. Manage your finances on the go with the Intergiro app and contact Customer Support whenever you need it.

Automate your financial value chain

Control money with code to optimise your business processes. Connect your systems to our financial solutions wherever and whenever you need them via our developer-friendly RESTful APIs.

Your funds

We are regulated as an EMI in Sweden, part of the European Union. That means all our customers’ funds are safeguarded and we are subject to strict rules which protects your business.

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Our bank-grade security systems are designed to prevent fraud on and keep your money safe. We are fully compliant with PCI DSS and are principal members of VISA and Mastercard.

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Trusted by thousands of businesses across the EU

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