Same-day settlements (coming soon)

Merchant business account

Start taking payments on your website with a uniquely bundled package that includes both a merchant and business account. With Intergiro, you soon benefit from same-day settlements — unlike most other providers that can take days to pay out funds.

*Terms and conditions will apply

  • Free banking for merchants to reduce costs *
  • Receive funds the same day *
  • Quick access to working capital
  • Spend earnings instantly with your debit card
  • Unified platform to manage both merchant and business account

Key features for merchants

Business account

Get a EUR IBAN and enjoy quick access to working capital.

Onboarding speed

Rapidly onboard your business and get access to our market leading customer support team.

Card issuing

Quickly and easily spend your earnings with a physical or virtual card.

Accept all currencies

Enable your customers to pay in their local currency, increasing checkout conversion rates.

API integrations

Automate payment flows for speed and efficiency.

Flexible pricing

Benefit from Interchange ++ or blended pricing models, at competitive rates.

Recurring transactions

Enable recurring transactions to allow your customers to make regular scheduled payments using 3DSv2 exemptions.

Dynamic descriptors

Ensure the relevant information is displayed to your customers on their bank statements to reduce support enquiries and chargebacks.

1% cashback (coming soon)

Earn while you spend

Spend smart and earn more by getting cashback on every purchase with your Intergiro debit card.

  • Boost your advertising ROI
  • Turn operational costs into rewards
  • Elevate your financial efficiency

Free banking for merchants to reduce costs*

Increase efficiency

Save time and increase efficiency by managing your business banking and merchant accounts in one place.

Reduce cost

Crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line and keeping inflation at bay during these times of high prices and economic instability.

Enhance competitiveness

You can invest your cost savings in other areas to stay ahead of the competition.

Steps to get started accepting payments on your site

Speak to our team

Get in touch with sales to identify the best setup for your business and receive a custom proposal.

Test account

We will help you set up a test account so you can explore our platform functionalities and make your first test payment.

Sign & onboard

Our commercial and onboarding teams will guide you through your account set-up.

Configure & optimize

Configure your account settings, go live, and start processing payments with Intergiro.