Business accounts

Designed with modern business in mind

SWIFT /SEPA access

Get access to SWIFT/ SEPA and make and receive payments locally and internationally.

Send money for less

Save up to 7x compared to the banks when you send money abroad.

Convert 8+ currencies

Hold and switch between multiple currencies in seconds with low, transparent fees.

Live FX rates

FX with spot pricing and instant settlement, without paying hidden fees.

Open an account in seconds

Sign up and get verified online — without visiting a local branch.

Receive money like a local

Receive payment like a local in 8+ currencies.

Multi-currency IBANs

Go global fast with multi-currency payments using local rails. Get a EUR IBAN and a multi-currency IBAN with us to unlock all benefits of international trade for your business.

Hold funds in 8 currencies


US Dollar

Australian Dollar

Polish Zloty

British Pounds Sterling

Swedish Krona

Norwegian Krone

Danish Krone

Live rate FX conversions

Our currency exchange live rate enables you to make and take payments across borders, without paying hidden fees or penalties. Our Intergiro live FX rate applies to any currency exchange transaction and we always show you the full transaction cost up front.

International business made easy

Get access to SEPA, SWIFT and local payment networks for truly multi-currency banking. Perfect for scaling businesses, our multi-currency accounts are the catalyst to grow your reach globally. Pay suppliers like a local and receive payments from anywhere.

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Payment management

Complete control of your finances



Dynamic card limits & controls


Team access

Give team members controlled access


Merchant services

Integrated PSP for convenience and faster settlement



Modular pricing that scales with your business



Automate your financial operations