Payments as a Service

Embed our PSP into your apps and products to allow your clients to accept card payments straight into their account.

State of the art acquiring

Turn online payments into cashflow, seamlessly

We know your margins are precious, but your time and effort are too. That’s why our solution, with business accounts, expenses cards and acquiring all in one place, is designed to help businesses like yours by saving time, money and effort.

Market leading processing speeds

Our all-in-one platform approach and world-class technology means we offer some of the fastest processing speeds around. But don’t just take our word for it - we’d love to show you how it works.

Key features

Customer service

Onboard your business in under 48hrs and get access to our market leading customer support team.

Accept all currencies

Enable your customers to pay in their local currency, increasing checkout conversion rates.

Preferential FX rates

Receive settlements in the currency of your choice to align revenues and costs - while reducing FX fees.

Data warehouse

Access your transaction data via API, or use the intergiro.3d merchant portal to monitor and control your transactions.

Conditional 3DS

Use exemptions to improve customer experience where applicable.

Fraud detection

Avoid fraudulent payments and minimise chargebacks with intergiro.3d's anti-fraud system.

Flexible funding cycle

Receive settlement funds daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your needs.

API integrations

Automate payment flows for speed and efficiency.

Flexible pricing

Benefit from blended or Interchange ++ pricing models, at competitive rates.

Recurring transactions

Enable recurring transactions to allow your customers to make regular scheduled payments using 3DSv2 exemptions.

Dynamic descriptors

Ensure the relevant information is displayed to your customers on their bank statements to reduce support enquiries and chargebacks.

No code

Provide customers with a payment link or SMS to complete card transactions, without the need for website integrations.

Available solution through intergiro.3d API

Intergiro.3d’s acquiring solution, entirely white-labelled, ensures an optimal payment experience for users and a high conversion rate.

It also makes it possible to quickly collect fund payments and to fight effectively against fraud thanks to relevant business filters. The solution is integrated via the intergiro.3d API or an SDK.

Other services

Onboarding aaS

Leave all the regulation to us and instantly onboard your clients to our system


Accounts aaS

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products


Cards aaS

Create in-app payment methods or setup traditional card programmes with our card issuing API


Data aaS

Access 'near time' analytics on your product by directly integrating with our analytics platform


Explore our APIs

Get truly embedded finance via our developer-friendly, RESTful APIs. Plug into our platform to build a customised payment solution fully tailored to your business needs