Onboarding as a Service

Leave all the regulation to us and seamlessly onboard your clients.

Seamless automated onboarding within your app

You create great products and leave the regulated heavy lifting to us


  • Automated API onboarding

    You can submit verification checks through a RESTful, standards-based API that uses token-based authentication.

  • Seamless customer experience

    The onboarding process is seamless because it's incorporated into your platform through our API. Your customers never have to leave or switch between sites.

  • Remove all KYC and onboarding compliance

    Our onboarding service takes care of the heavy lifting and removes all compliance and regulatory requirements for you - at scale.

  • Market leading providers

    We partner with leading providers to create game-changing technology that creates a trusted experience.

Physical ID verification

Document verification

Our document authentication service can detect whether a person's passport or ID is valid from up to 2,500 document types from 195 countries. It also detects fraudulent IDs, down to a single pixel.

Biometric analysis

When the end user takes a selfie to verify their identity, we use cutting-edge technology that compares facial biometrics and ID ownership.

AI with advanced photo ID software

Our advanced software, powered by AI, analyses the customer's facial biometrics to match it with the photo ID. This needs minimal human input, allowing for a better customer experience, higher conversion rates, and increased security.

e-ID identify verification

e-ID providers

We work with a growing list of market leading e-ID providers to enable end users to verify their identity using the e-ID alone.

Many e-IDs. One API.

One solution for all your eID verification and authentication needs - available via one API.

Secure sign-in

Authenticate your regular customers when they log in to private information or secured services.

Next layer of verification

Sanction checks

Sanctions checks verify whether your client is on any global watchlists. These include any sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEP), watch lists and adverse media.

Cross referencing

This validates an applicant’s address, date of birth and name, by cross-referencing their details against a range of verified databases.

Other services

Accounts aaS

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products


Cards aaS

Create in-app payment methods or setup traditional card programmes with our card issuing API


Data aaS

Access 'near time' analytics on your product by directly integrating with our analytics platform


Explore our APIs

Get truly embedded finance via our developer-friendly, RESTful APIs. Plug into our platform to build a customised payment solution fully tailored to your business needs