Data as a Service

Access 'near time' analytics on your product by directly integrating with our analytics platform.

Direct access to product analytics

Intergiro takes the effort out of data transformation by helping you to clean, map, and stitch it all together in one secure place.

Operational optimisation

See your client on-boarding, card payments, bank wires and checkout traffic in near time

Finance reporting

Automate your revenue recognition and cost data to avoid manual work

External reporting

Build external reports to external stakeholders via the medium they want to see it

Dev/Test Datasets

Query raw operational data to optimise the build and testing of your product.

Data science

Access raw operational data to expose to your data science team

Marketing optimisation

Fine tune your marketing strategies with detailed customer level product usage data

How can you interact with the data?

SQL querying

Segment data, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection

Hosted dashboards

Snapshot trend analysis from within the client portal

External dashboards

Integrate dozens of business analysis and accounting tools

Raw exports

Export to storage for downstream process consumption

How does it work?

  • Intergiro creates virtual 'client' databases for all 3d clients
  • Any PI or GDPR data is anonymised
  • Client data bases then securely 'shared'

Sharing is caring

Sharing is better than 'moving'

  • Encrypted SSL connections
  • GDPR compliance 'built in'
  • Single source of truth

Other services

Onboarding aaS

Leave all the regulation to us and instantly onboard your clients to our system


Accounts aaS

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products


Cards aaS

Create in-app payment methods or setup traditional card programmes with our card issuing API


Explore our APIs

Get truly embedded finance via our developer-friendly, RESTful APIs. Plug into our platform to build a customised payment solution fully tailored to your business needs