Cards as a Service

Create in-app payment methods or setup traditional card programmes with our card issuing API.

Your bespoke solution for

  • White-labelling
  • Payment solutions
  • Cards issuing
  • Fraud monitoring

State of the art card programmes

We provide, processing and banking, so you can create a programme with a single contract

  • Issue virtual and physical cards
  • Instant funding
  • PCI-certified APIs
  • Dynamic spend controls
  • Live data feeds

Turnkey solutions

An easy-to-use API platform

No more hassling with a long, drawn-out process to integrate your system. With our API, you can be up and running in a snap.

Our engineers love to develop APIs

We built our REST API in a way that makes it easy to use, and we used a proven JSON Web Token (JWT) in order to keep our API secure.

Open source examples

To save your engineers some time, we provide open-source examples of how to integrate with our API documentation.

Virtual & physical card programs

Applepay & Googlepay tokenisation

Tokenised cards are great for mobile payments. They’re easier to use, just as secure, and can be used with any of today’s popular payment systems.

Product benefits

White label solutions

Turnkey solution with an easy setup that guarantees fast time-to-market for your branded credit card.


Full compliance with KYC and AML regulations.


Tokenise your cards in digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

3D secure

Provides an extra level of protection by asking for a second round of verification with the card issuer at the time of the transaction.

Virtual cards

Virtual cards are a quick and easy way to complete payments, transfers and online purchases. One-click instant card creation for a variety of purposes.

Fraud monitoring

Fraud monitoring services are designed to detect and prevent payment card fraud. This reduces the potential for financial losses.

Other services

Onboarding aaS

Leave all the regulation to us and instantly onboard your clients to our system


Accounts aaS

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products


Data aaS

Access 'near time' analytics on your product by directly integrating with our analytics platform


Explore our APIs

Get truly embedded finance via our developer-friendly, RESTful APIs. Plug into our platform to build a customised payment solution fully tailored to your business needs