Accounts as a Service

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products.

Issue unique multi-currency IBANs to your customers under your brand

Access international and local payment rails

Instant access to trade seamlessly in multiple countries worldwide via our multi-currency APIs. Connect to local payment networks for a faster, more transparent payments, designed for global businesses. Your customers can now pay and get paid like a local, wherever they are.

Embed cash balances into your products to enrich the experience

Offer your customers secure, feature rich accounts built on our Europe-wide, fully regulated Banking-as-a-Service platform

Create wallets

Create, configure and reconcile customer wallets with simple end points

  • Unique IBANs for your clients
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Pending and available balances
  • Reconciliation tools

Move money

Move funds on and off platform with a variety of payment rails

  • Internal movement and external wires
  • Domestic and international wires
  • FX wires
  • ‘Top-up’ balances with external card

Turn costs into revenue streams

Do you have high transaction costs as part of your business model?

  • Freelance Platforms
  • Ride haling apps
  • Renting apps
  • Insurance companies
  • Public transport/utilities
  • Casinos

Segregate client funds to reduce administration burden

Do you have reconciliation and accounting challenges?

  • Insurance companies
  • Casinos
  • Card programmes
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Card Acquirers
  • Payment service providers (PSPs)

Build instant funds flows with closed loop payment systems

Is your product impacted by settlement delay times?

  • Market places
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Financial trading platforms
  • Card programmes
  • Tipping apps
  • Electric car charging

Leave the compliance to us

Build fast and efficiently by letting us deal with all compliance and reconciliation

Through our fully EEA-licensed intergiro.3d platform, we eliminate all licensing and regulatory issues to bring you to market quickly. Integrating with us is hardware-agnostic and white-labelled so your brand stays strong and your customers happy.

Other services

Onboarding aaS

Leave all the regulation to us and instantly onboard your clients to our system


Cards aaS

Create in-app payment methods or setup traditional card programmes with our card issuing API


Data aaS

Access 'near time' analytics on your product by directly integrating with our analytics platform


Explore our APIs

Get truly embedded finance via our developer-friendly, RESTful APIs. Plug into our platform to build a customised payment solution fully tailored to your business needs