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Finance teams

Expense management is one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs. It can be hard to oversee employees who are travelling for business, ensure the correct receipts are submitted, and that receipts are matched to the correct accounts.

Expense management can feel like a time-consuming task that requires huge amounts of attention to detail. But what if there was a solution that would make this process easier? This is where smart company cards come in.

Let’s explore what common problems are solved with Intergiro.2d


Inconvenient expense accounting system

Conventional accounting processes for corporate expenses do not provide the information you need to track cash flow in real-time. Delays in providing expense information can lead to slow accounting and make it difficult to control employees’ spending.


Real-time control of employees’ spending

Team cards offer a solution and are used to reduce expenses and simplify your company’s finances. View all your team transactions, in real-time, from one place with all important payment information. No more time-consuming reimbursement and expense report processes.


Limited functionality of standard cards

Standard payment cards cannot be customised to meet specific business accounting needs. The lack of spending and limited control features can lead to unplanned expenses and to more administrative burdens.


Multifunctional customisable cards

Approve payments and set different spending limits for your employees. Customise restrictions for how funds can be used based on a country or merchant. You eliminate excessive costs and make your financial processes as transparent as possible.

Products and benefits

Virtual cards

Issuing virtual cards to pay for each order will help you prevent fraud and keep your money safe.


All types of payment cards can be tokenized and connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay, ensuring convenience and security.

Tailor user roles

Designate certain roles to team members and grant permissions for each role based on what users need to see and do.

Dynamic spend controls

Set transaction limits and spending limits depending on country or the types of merchants the customer is interacting with.

Be in control

Easily manage your payment cards with expiration dates, renewals, replacements, and block or freeze cards remotely at any time.

Instant top-up functions

Instantly top up employee cards when needed for your convenience.

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