Businesses that empower their employees via a system of trust tend to be more successful where you can manage how your employees conduct business pays off in the long run: happy customers, satisfied staff, and a deeper connection within the company.

One way to do this is by equipping your teams with virtual cards and physical cards which are connected to a smart banking platform. Virtual and physical cards allow employers to keep tabs on business-related spending while offering employees greater autonomy over their own finances.

Let’s explore what common problems are solved with Intergiro.2d


Submitting multiple receipts for reimbursement

Employees often have to submit a number of receipts for reimbursement from the company. They have to fill out different forms and attach different receipts, it’s easy for them to make mistakes. It’s both a burden and time-consuming task on the finance teams and an inconvenience to the employee.


Easy to use expense management

If you regularly initiate corporate spending, it’s time to ditch those pesky receipts. Instead of jotting down every expense on your personal credit card, use smart team cards and a great expense app together. Intergiro will reduce the time it takes to keep track of your personal bookkeeping.


Limited functionality of standard cards

Standard payment cards cannot be customised to meet specific business accounting needs. The lack of spending and limited control features can lead to unplanned expenses and to more administrative burdens.


Corporate spending with team cards

Employees can purchase what they need when they need it. Finance sets custom limits and determines categories to spend on. Employees are empowered to spend without the hassle of paperwork.

Products and benefits

Virtual cards

Issuing virtual cards to pay for each order will help you prevent fraud and keep your money safe.


All types of payment cards can be tokenized and connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay, ensuring convenience and security.

Tailor user roles

Designate certain roles to team members and grant permissions for each role based on what users need to see and do.

Dynamic spend controls

Set transaction limits and spending limits depending on country or the types of merchants the customer is interacting with.

Be in control

Easily manage your payment cards with expiration dates, renewals, replacements, and block or freeze cards remotely at any time.

Instant top-up functions

Instantly top up employee cards when needed for your convenience.

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