CFOs and finance leaders are increasingly implementing digital financial technologies.

They see the value in investing in new tools to help with manual processes. The result is reduced time spent on finance tasks, which affords them the opportunity to focus on growth.

Let’s explore what common problems are solved with Intergiro.2d


Lack of automation

Leaders are under pressure to get dispersed finance teams working quicker and more accurately so they can maintain their company in the future.


Automate financial systems to manage risk

Intergiro.2d automation APIs can help businesses better prepare for disruption. With it, leaders can not only maintain their company in the present, but thrive in the future.


Managing multiple financial providers

Businesses often have to deal with multiple financial institutions: they need a business account, an FX account for sending international transfers, another company for their corporate expenses, and an acquiring company for their merchant solutions.


Future proof financial toolkit

Intergiro offers a one-stop shop for everything from multi-currency accounts to card issuing and payment processing all over Europe. With features like business accounts, smart team cards, payment management features and merchant services, we provide business owners with one single platform for all their financial needs.

Product and benefits

Virtual cards

Issuing virtual cards to pay for each order will help you prevent fraud and keep your money safe.


All types of payment cards can be tokenized and connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay, ensuring convenience and security.

Tailor user roles

Designate certain roles to team members and grant permissions for each role based on what users need to see and do.

Dynamic spend controls

Set transaction limits and spending limits depending on country or the types of merchants the customer is interacting with.

Be in control

Easily manage your payment cards with expiration dates, renewals, replacements, and block or freeze cards remotely at any time.

Instant top-up functions

Instantly top up employee cards when needed for your convenience.

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