Use case

Automated payments

Automate your payments to ensure fast, accurate and secure payments - all at a low cost

In today's digital age, automating payments has become the logical solution to what would otherwise be a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. The latest paytech innovations driving the online transaction revolution all rely on automated payments.

Scale your payments

Create 1000s of payments in seconds

  • Save your finance team dozens of hours of work
  • Streamline your operations and boost business productivity
  • Negotiate cheaper transaction fees

Automating payroll and payment of invoices

Paying your employees and suppliers accurately and on time is important in keeping your business running smoothly. An automated workflow can help make this process simpler by streamlining the payment flow.

Settling payments to merchants

Automate your settlement flow with code. Instantly initiate and reconcile payments using APIs to eliminate the hassle of manually settling payments every day.

Pay out funds to customers or partners

Whether you are paying commissions to affiliates and sales agencies or paying out winnings to e-gaming customers, fast and accurate payments are critical. Build trust and deepen relationships by removing errors and automating flows.

Processing refunds (for e-commerce)

E-commerce platforms need to have the ability to process refunds quickly and easily. Refunds can be a time-consuming process, so it's important for platforms to be able to handle them efficiently.

Using business logic to make payments

Your business is unique. It's up to you when you want to move money between parties. Embed payments into your operations using business logic. For example, initiate an FX trade when a rate meets a certain threshold, or instantly pay a supplier when stock levels fall below a certain level.

What common problems are solved with the Intergiro.2d API?


Manual payments

Too much manual input can result in errors, delays and additional costs. Your finance team are busy enough without the additional workload to prepare, submit and reconcile rows and rows of payment data.


Automated payments

Payments have never been easier or faster than with the Intergiro.2d API. Improve your competitiveness by increasing the speed and accuracy of your payments while reducing costs.


Manual reconciliation

Multiple spreadsheets, templates and file types can take time, be expensive, and result in errors.


Automated reconciliation

Gather all payment information via API to create automatic reconciliation and bespoke reports - leaving the finance team to focus on other essential areas.


Delight your finance team

  • Automatically create payment batches without the need for manual input
  • Review and authorise the payment batches in a single click
  • Get transaction data via API to automate reconciliation & create custom reports

Key features

Automate payments

Initiate your bulk payments quickly and easily through API to save time, cost and admin

Customised reporting

Use the transactions API to build real-time reports tailored to your needs

High-level security

Configure manual approvals for API-initiated transactions to provide human oversight and breakpoints

Near-instant reconciliation

Match received payments with your own references using transaction and balance APIs

Bespoke alerts

Create your own alerts based on real-time card expenditure in order to manage balances

Low-code implementation

Intuitive APIs, docs, and seamless integration make it quick and easy to get you up and running

Automate your financial operations

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