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Please visit the Customer Portal and load funds into your account in order to get started. You will be able to access all the account information you need, including your account details (IBANs), balance, and transaction history. 

Corporate cards

Issue virtual cards in seconds

Get control over company spending with our virtual and physical cards. Go to the ‘Cards’ tab in the portal and follow the instructions to order an unlimited number of cards.

  • Reconciliation made easy
  • Issue unlimited corporate cards
  • Freeze or cancel cards anytime, anywhere

Business banking API

Automate your financial operations

Control your finances with code and optimise your business processes with API access to accounts and payments.

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Follow your money flows, get transaction notifications, extract statements, and manage your smart corporate cards wherever you are.

  • Manage your day-to-day finances easily, fast, and on the go
  • Contact customer support whenever you are
  • Track your accounts, cards and activity in the same app