Automated payment solution for PISPs

For PISPs in the money flow

Automated payments

Faster settlement at lower cost

The Intergiro.2d API can help you to automate your payments, including refunds, with a manual one-click review process, to ensure fast, accurate and secure payments - all at low cost.


Easy set-up and control

  • Fast, easy onboarding and user permission options
  • Access and manage API keys directly from the customer portal
  • Scale your payments, with more control

Automation with a human touch

Delight your finance team

  • Automatically create payment batches without the need for manual input
  • Review and authorise the payment batches in a single click
  • Get transaction data via API to automate reconciliation & create custom reports

Additional benefits

Diversify your income

  • Open settlement accounts for your merchants
  • Settle instantly to your merchants
  • Earn commission on your merchants banking fees

Results that make a difference

Reduce costs for merchants

Reduce your payment processing costs, to support your merchants with lower fees, giving them, and you, a competitive edge.

Create 1000's of payments in seconds

Initiate all of your payments via API, with one click to approve them.

Save 10s of hours of work from your finance team

Create and reconcile payments automatically, giving hours of time back to your finance team.

For PISPs involved in the money flow


Manual payments & refunds

Too much manual input can result in errors, delays and additional cost. The finance team are busy enough without the additional workload to prepare, submit and reconcile rows and rows of payment data.


Automated payments

Settling to your merchants has never been easier or faster than with the Intergiro.2d API. Improve your competitiveness by increasing the speed and accuracy of your payments, while reducing the cost. Manage settlements and refunds instantly.


Manual reconciliation

Are you managing collateral or rolling reserves? Is there a high volume of refunds? Managing this manually can be complex, lengthly and prone to errors.


Automated reconciliation

Automating your payment flows increases efficiency and removes discrepancies. Gather all payment information via API to create automatic reconciliation and bespoke reports. Consequently, the finance team spends less time in the payment & reconciliation process which provides additional time to focus on other essential areas.


Increasing costs

Is your existing provider charging you too much to settle to your merchants? Are you missing out on reducing your cost per payment as your business & customer base grows?


Reduced costs

Reduce your costs with Intergiro with low, tiered pricing. Become more competitive as you pass on cost savings to your customers.

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