Start with why

Nick Root
1 min

  • Thought leadership

Intergiro was conceived in 2017 to help new internet business models thrive.

The founding team and their network were a group of creative and rebellious misfits. The kind that never had a ‘normal’ job, true entrepreneurs. 

Bustling with product and business ideas, and supercharged by the exciting opportunities that the internet revolution was revealing, they wanted to solve problems and build new things. 

IoT, crypto, platform, and all kinds of computational business models were dreamt up and prototyped. Some of the ideas were crazy, some were flops, some were brilliant and some listed for hundreds of millions of Euros. 

One thing became very clear: the banking system was not ready for any of them. 

Technological and cultural clashes with banks meant that many of these ideas were stopped dead in their tracks.

It struck us that there must be other innovators encountering the same problems, and if innovators can't innovate then the world is in trouble. So we hatched an ambitious plan to build our own digital business bank. 

That ambitious plan we now call Intergiro, and its a purpose-built cloud financial toolkit so innovators, creatives and change-makers can build, adapt and thrive in this digital age.