Our teams 🤝

Traditional organisations optimise for control by making predictions. We know that rapidly changing environments need a different approach. That’s why we optimise for adaptiveness.

The team

We have built a ‘service-based’ organisation with our people organised in squads.

Everything from the tools and software we use to the way we go about our daily tasks is designed to help us build, adapt and thrive.

As a result, our antifragile teams, working together in progressive cultures, create systems and products that are built for change rather than just pay lip service to it.

Meet our team

  • Alina

    As team lead for Customer Support here at Intergiro, I ensure our clients’ expectations are always exceeded and that they are treated as we would like to be treated: as our own VIP guests.

  • Alexandra

    As a QA engineer, my favourite aspects of the role have been seeing worthy ideas find their implementation, and working on our remarkable fintech product within a fantastic team. 

  • Olga

    As Product Manager, I define priorities and create a productive environment for my team. But what I like best can be defined oxymoronically as ‘impossible solutions’, that bring together all our creativity to build new 3D product functionalities for an amazing variety of real-life scenarios.

  • Armen

    I am a nature lover, a sports enthusiast, and of course, a programmer who enjoys his work at Intergiro! I aim to always bring positivity and good vibes when I’m helping my team with challenging tasks.  

  • Ilona

    As a Sales Development Representative, I'll be the first person you meet when you want to become a customer or enter a partnership, as well as your first point of contact whenever you want to discuss your setup with Intergiro.

  • Giulia

    Working with CDD, I handle post-onboarding tasks and periodic reviews of our clients. My team plays a critical role in preventing misuse of our services, making us superheroes in ensuring Intergiro’s security. 

  • Mads

    I’m a software engineer focused on our 3D product and embedded finance. The bulk of my work is in API development to ensure that our client-facing APIs run seamlessly, as well as integrating internal services in our platform.

  • Marc

    As part of the CDD team, we help our clients get what they need while at the same time making sure that our clients are in line with our values.

  • Sandhya

    As a Data Engineer, my crucial role is to design, build, and maintain robust data infrastructure for handling large and complex data sets. I help unlock the full potential of data and convert it into actionable information that drives innovation and solves our business challenges.

Company culture

As we worked on our culture, we took time to build a strong foundational system. The remote nature of our company doesn't diminish how much we care about the workplace and the best possible work conditions for everyone.

So our organisation and culture consist of three fundamental layers; our people values drive our operating principles, which in turn underpin our core systems. All parts are interconnected and equally important to each other.

People values


We firmly believe that integrity is the cornerstone of a good work environment, an environment where people feel comfortable and motivated to give their best.

Radical candor

We are a team. Functional teams don’t keep secrets from each other. They tackle issues early and tell the truth even when it’s not nice to hear. By being radically candid, we help everyone grow - and our project, too.


Good judgement is a mix of personal knowledge and an efficient decision-making process. To give us the best possible chance of success, we cultivate a certain mindset.


In order to move forward with our time, always adapt and improve, we believe in an org design where everyone takes responsibility, not only the people in leadership positions. 


Stagnating is not an option. Intergironauts are striving to grow and evolve constantly, always pushing forward to progress, both on a personal and team level. 

Operating principles

Idea meritocracy

Intergiro would be nothing without the ideas, solutions, and creativity of the people who work and have worked for its growth and development. Ideas mean more than anyone’s position.

Open communication

We believe that good teams function best with open communication. We share information, say what we think, and discuss things together.

Full autonomy

We trust our people to exercise good judgment and we trust that they will do their jobs well. Giving autonomy helps us be more efficient and focus on other important tasks.

Continuous improvement

We don’t rest on our laurels. As an organisation, we never stop looking to improve on every aspect of our workings, internal and external.

Core systems


In modern organisations, feedback is more important than ever before. Although internal communications become increasingly complex, we believe that giving and receiving good feedback is the best way to move in the right direction.


Because we want to be as efficient and productive as possible, it is vital that our internal communications set a good example. The way we communicate depends on what we are talking about, but it should always be done mindfully.

Decision Making

We don’t make decisions at the top of the pyramid, since there’s no pyramid. We are working to give autonomy in decision-making to the teams - and the best idea wins, no matter where it comes from.

Conflict Resolution

When we communicate freely and honestly, opinions sometimes differ. To avoid things blowing out of proportion when a conflict happens, we sit down and talk about it. And if it can’t be resolved between the two people, we set up a mediation.


We consider that the best motivation we could give is the opportunity to work on tough problems with brilliant people, so we work hard on building our teams. Who we recruit determines everything.

Goal Setting

To make sure that we are moving together in the same direction and to track the progress made along the way, we have chosen to follow the OKR method (Objective / Key Results).

Organisation Structure

Our Agile structure was designed to allow us to react fast and reinvent ourselves constantly to adapt to the needs of the time. We try to give our teams and services full autonomy by providing them with all the people and skill sets they need to make decisions and implement them on their own.