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What are your cut-off times?

For a payout in euro using the SEPA network, we receive your payment order immediately upon your submission of the payment order if you submitted it at the latest 14.30 CET on a banking day and we will execute it on the same banking day. If you submitted the payment order after 14.30 CET, we will receive it and will execute it on the following banking day. The recipient will generally receive the payout the next banking day, however it may take longer depending on the recipient’s bank.

For a payout in euro or any other available currency using international or local payment networks, please see below - Payment and FX Timeline Page for information on when the payment order is received.

Click here to view the cut-off times for payouts (other than SEPA network).

Click here to view cut-off times for Fx transactions.

Please be aware that when making FX transactions, the cut-off time of the currency with higher rank will be used. Let’s say you want to buy Australian Dollars (AUD) with UK Sterling (GBP). Australian Dollars (AUD) has a cut-off of 13:00 CET, while UK Sterling (GBP) has a cut-off of 14:20 CET. Since AUD has a higher rank in this table, the cut-off for converting the same day will be 13:00 CET. Conversions must therefore be created before the cut-off time on the desired conversion date. If you miss the cut-off, the conversion would settle the next business day.

If you have a question about a specific payment, or if this information didn’t help you, please contact Support via Chat while logged in to your account.