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What are the requirements on my gambling website?

Age restrictions

  • should be shown and manually accepted by a customer before they are given access to content/goods/services and order functional. Pages with these products/services should not be visible until 18+ confirmation is provided by the cardholder (pop-up window with a checkbox or similar)

Identity verification

  • Individual player identities and accounts need to be properly verified according to relevant regulation

Territory restrictions

  • Merchant’s licence details, licence issued by relevant authorities on the territory of merchant’s registration and territory where merchant offers his services, area of use/jurisdiction, licence number, link to authorities official source for licence validity check
  • Services offered in accordance with licence and only on territories permitted by their licence - based on national legislation
  • Services not offered to countries where services are prohibited
  • Services not offered in countries with weak AML procedures or where it is not possible to ascertain identities of citizens/customers. Possible legal restrictions notice, list of restricted & allowed customers’ countries of residence (e.g. related to customer’s location country or citizenship country) should be shown before purchase
  • Merchant is following legal frameworks that dominate in gaming industry: countries that regulated online gambling within their territories; countries that regulated and imposed monopolies; countries that banned betting activities within their jurisdictions; countries that lack regulations on gambling activities

Notice on customer obligations

  • Notice for customers of their obligation to independently determine whether the relevant local legislation allows purchase of such goods /services through the Internet using cards. 
  • Website must have additional a statement similar/equivalent to the following: “Internet Gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorised to use your payment card to complete this transaction”
  • Statement of the Cardholder's responsibility to know the Laws concerning online gambling in his/her country of domicile.

Marketing activities

  • merchant should respect applicable regulations on Marketing for online gambling, 
  • advertising can not target minors, nor can it be insinuated as a solution for financial issues, 
  • merchant should not target customers from jurisdictions outside licence area,

Merchant does not employ Negative Option Marketing. This includes any marketing where the consumer’s silence or failure to affirmatively act is treated by the merchant as acceptance of an offer. Common types of negative option marketing include free trial offers or low-cost trials, continuity programs, and subscription plans for which the following applies:

  • should begin after the product has been shipped,
  • shipping and handling should not be billed as a separate transaction from the product/service,
  • undisclosed recurring charges should not be allowed,
  • opt-in options for additional products or enrolment in continuity should not have a pre-filled checkbox,

Merchant should not perform any marketing or claims that could be considered deceptive, exaggerated, or unsupported should not be permitted; Back-end Offers, Up-sells or Cross-sells (Should not allow third-party data pass)

Warnings in relation to trading on margin

  • Non-misleading information only; no misleading information such as false advertising, promises of certain winning/profits etc. 
  • Clear and comprehensible language use in relation to information, descriptions, warnings
  • Description of conditions and restrictions on gambling account topping up
  • Detailed description of the procedure, conditions and limitations for the payouts/withdrawals of winnings. 
  • Description of bet types, varieties, services offered by the merchant (lottery, sports betting etc.)

Terms and conditions for gambling

Terms and conditions should be provided for each gambling product and customer should read and manually accept the Terms before purchase. Terms should include:

  • service rendering conditions such as methods, time frames and other conditions
  • winnings calculation procedure and payout time frames
  • bet limits, rules and restrictions
  • dispute resolution procedure and complaints policy
  • limitation of liability statement
  • risk warnings and risk disclosure statement indicating high-risk activity with risk of losing funds
  • cancellation, refund, return and withdrawal policies describing process and conditions
  • AML, KYC and verification policies
  • account closing conditions
  • information on which gambling software is used
  • description of bonus programs, policy, limitations (separate bonus policy should be accepted by payer before purchase) 

Customer protection policies

Merchant should provide following tools and policies:

  • Privacy policy with description of terms of personal information protection and non-disclosure, including information about TLS encryption
  • Insolvency Policy should clarify
  • Responsible Gambling information should provide
  • Tools to help customers monitor or limit gambling