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What information / documents do I need to open an Intergiro business account?

To open an Intergiro business account online, you'll need some information to hand about yourself and your business. The documentation we need depends on what's available online in public business registries and the industry of the applicant. Typically we need the following:

1. Certificate of incorporation

2. Articles of Association/Memorandum

3. Register extract (max three months old)

4. Shareholder register

5. Information/ documents supporting the company business activity: functional website and/ or customer invoices/ agreements

Individual documentation

8. Individual ID (passport or national card ID) for owners, directors and intended wallet users. This does not need to be notarized and needs to be a clear colour scan or a photo. If it's an ID card we need to see both sides.

9. Proof of residence in the form of any of the following: utility bill (landline phone, electricity, water, gas), bank account statement, or any other document issued by a governmental authority maximum three months old. Please note: mobile phone bills are not accepted.