Intergiro is committed to contributing to a fair, transparent system that enables innovators to thrive. That starts with our own ethics. We are committed to these ethical principles:

Our people 

We strongly believe that work should be fulfilling and meaningful. Our people work in distributed teams towards a clear common goal, with high levels of autonomy. We are committed to creating a culture of fairness, diversity and inclusion at all levels of our company.

Customers and services

We support innovative companies that are seeking to improve society through their business. Thanks to our rigorous onboarding and compliance procedures, as well as our forward-thinking partners, we are able to support some industries that are neglected or overlooked by other financial services providers.

Ethical capitalism 

We believe that profit and capital drives societal progress. However, we do not work with organisations that sell or invest products and services that are harmful or illegal, for example arms dealers. We also do not support businesses or customers from countries under international sanctions.


We believe that technology has the potential to transform society for the better. However, we also recognise that humans have a considerable part to play in making sure that tech truly works for good. That means constantly seeking to promote fairness and transparency wherever we build and use technology.


We believe the world is better off truly global and we believe in working without borders. We encourage travel and cross-cultural exploration within our organisation and our customers tend to be global citizens. We seek to promote that through our products, services and values.