Engineering at Intergiro 👩‍💻

The internet allowed anyone to share information across the world. WordPress allowed anyone to build websites on the internet. Intergiro allows anyone to embed financial services into their systems.

The challenge...

... is fiendishly hard. We need to stay compliant with tight regulatory rules, whist providing a compelling product that is as invisible as possible to the end-user.

You are a...

... curious and collaborative technician, someone excited about tackling the hard problems in Fintech. Together, we’ll create and iterate on the products and tools of the future—for millions of users.

Our tech stack

... is what we use to create innovative financial services for the future.

Our engineering principles

Create and execute your own work

Find the highest impact work that needs to get done for the company, and do it.

Do one thing the way you’d do everything

The details are not just the details – the details make the difference.

Eliminate toil wherever you find it

Prioritize eliminating menial work and spend your time on high-value deliverables.

Apply the minimum effective dose

Be a master of implementing what is common sense, reasonable, and minimally necessary.

Write decisions down

When you make decisions and have arrived at a solution, document it and share it so that others don’t revisit ideas unnecessarily.

Be negative maintenance

The opposite of high maintenance isn’t low maintenance – it’s negative maintenance: being self-motivating, self-improving, self-disciplined, self-aware, and non-defensive.

Give and receive great feedback

Feedback helps us get better. And it has a short half-life, so it should be shared on the spot or soon thereafter.

Be curious

Cultivate a relentless thirst for learning through reading, listening, watching, sharing, and teaching – with interminable curiosity and patience.

Engineering Articles

How to Migrate Data With Minimal Downtime

One of the recent technical issues we have been working on is migrating database services from MongoDB as persistent storage to MySQL.

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Distributed decision-making in tech

As more technology companies shift towards remote, it's common to forget to rethink habits and rituals that were established in the office.

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Myth-busting blockchain

It’s official. According to Gartner, Blockchain has long since reached and surpassed the Peak of Inflated Expectations.

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Distributed authorisation or how to trust no one

One of the things engineering teams face when moving towards microservices architecture is how to implement authentication and authorisation in a way that is secure and scalable at the same time.

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