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Every business must find ways to adapt to the changing world of financial services, or they will be left behind. Implementing automation tools can streamline and simplify many regular tasks, saving time and money while also driving customer loyalty — especially when it comes to managing existing accounts or attracting new clients.

We’ve created APIs for you to integrate our services with your platform and automate your financial value chain. Intergiro.2d empowers your all-in-one finance platform — issue cards, process receipts and reports, automate invoices and payments, and set up approvals for spend policies.

Let’s explore what common problems are solved with Intergiro.2d


Lack of automated processes

Many businesses use outdated systems like spreadsheets or bare-bones programs to perform finance and accounting duties — meaning they’re running in the dark when it comes to automation. 


Automate your financial value chain

Intergiro.2d offers a suite of automation APIs that developers can use to integrate Intergiro products into their own applications. A streamlined REST API provides a user-friendly connection, enabling developers to automate common tasks within minutes.


Lack of resources

Legacy finance businesses are keen to follow up on any leads they get, but with no automation solution on their side, they struggle to scale operations in a cost-efficient manner. As such, they are forced to hire more customer service agents rather than develop new features — in turn slowing down their growth.


Freeing up valuable resources

By automating complex and repetitive tasks, businesses can free up valuable resources that go towards developing other areas of their business.

Products and benefits

Virtual Cards

Issuing virtual cards to pay for each order will help you prevent fraud and keep your money safe.


All types of payment cards can be tokenized and connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay, ensuring convenience and security.

Tailor user roles

Designate certain roles to team members and grant permissions for each role based on what users need to see and do.

Dynamic spend controls

Set transaction limits and spending limits depending on country or the types of merchants the customer is interacting with.

Be in control

Easily manage your payment cards with expiration dates, renewals, replacements, and block or freeze cards remotely at any time.

Instant top-up functions

Instantly top up employee cards when needed for your convenience.

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