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Intergiro is a 'gaming-friendly' financial institution for disruptive digital businesses, licensed and supervised by the Swedish FSA. Our customers have access to EUR IBANs, business banking APIs, and card issuing across Europe.

Gaming friendly payment accounts

Intergiro business accounts are designed with forward-thinking companies in mind. Whether you’re working with digital currency, gaming or building the next financial services unicorn, we’re here to help you build, adapt and thrive. That means you could get a business account with us, even if you’ve been rejected elsewhere.

With Intergiro, you’ll get a financial ‘address’ to make and take payments in euros, spending cards for you and your employees and the ability to track your business spending in one easy-to-use portal.

Applying for an account takes minutes with our online onboarding form. Once you’ve submitted the form it’s over to us to truly get to know your business before we welcome you on board.

Trusted by thousands of businesses across the EU

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Swedish IBAN

Get a Swedish IBAN with access to SEPA payments

Unlimited cards

Order unlimited virtual and plastic cards for your directors and employees

Bespoke enterprise package

Bespoke enterprise pricing, reflecting your business structure and needs

Fast account opening

Sign up and get verified online — without visiting a local branch.

Control spending

Set individual spending limits and enjoy a real-time overview

Automation APIs

Automate your payments with code and optimise your business processes with API

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