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It’s never too late to become a new-age fintech. Almost any business can integrate financial services into their product and services — differentiating your business from competitors, increasing revenues as well as customer loyalty.

Intergiro.3d offers a comprehensive suite of financial services and helps you plug into the infrastructure you need to stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace. Embed accounts and debit cards so you attract customers through loyalty programs, offer cheaper payment processing… and much more.

Let’s explore what challenges are solved with Intergiro.3d


Inconvenient and costly payment systems

Payments are a crucial part of today’s business ecosystem.

Integrating with PSPs can be beneficial, but also lead to a complicated scheme of settlements that complicate accounting and lead to additional costs when making a lot of transactions.


Monetising payments for your business

Intergiro.3d enables you to diversify revenue streams by monetising payment features and creating new lines of business. You can create a more convenient experience for customers while sticking to your brand.


Your customer is a mystery

Customers — and their needs — are a moving target. They come and go, with different needs, preferences, and demands. And unless you keep up with trends and shifts in behaviour, you’ll be left behind in the dust.


A 360 degree view of your customer

Intergiro.3d empowers you to better understand your customers’ shopping habits, helping you to tailor your marketing strategy and stay competitive. You can use our cutting-edge analytics platform to acquire better customers, convert them into advocates, and retain them long-term.

Client benefits

Embed bank accounts

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products.

Instant crediting

With a branded card, your clients spend instantly and use it for whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Customer focus

Launch cashback programs and offer various discounts and bonuses to encourage customers to use your services.

Compliance as a service

Reduce your administrative burden as we handle risk, compliance and internal audits for you.

Instantly onboard new clients

Leave all the regulation to us and instantly onboard your clients.

Brand engagement

Your logo will be imprinted on the cards, creating a positive attachment and driving brand loyalty for the end user.

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