Mobility service providers

Gain a competitive edge in your market by embedding financial services

Our solutions are designed to help you enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, reduce operational costs and simplify payments processing – all while remaining secure and compliant.

Hear back in seconds

Automatically onboard your drivers

Nearly everyone qualifies for an account with successful identity verification.

  • Automated ID verification
  • Automated KYC checks
  • Automated sanctions screening

Reduce operational costs

Take in-app payments

Embed our PSP into your app and start processing payments.

  • User will benefit from faster, easier, and more secure payments
  • Maintain control over the entire transaction process
  • Cut down on expensive third-party fees associated with payments

Enhance your customer experience

Issue payment accounts and cards

Drivers will benefit from having their account and card in you app, allowing them to easily track income, make payments, manage expenses and other aspects of their business.

  • Drivers can transfer and manage their money all in one app
  • With instant payments, drivers get paid the next second
  • Cash back rewards designed for drivers at participating merchants

Client benefits

Embed bank accounts

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products

Modernise spending

Instantly issue virtual and physical debit cards to your customers wrapped in your bespoke user experience

Payment processing

Enable users to instantly top up their accounts using debit and credit cards.

Compliance as a service

Reduce your administrative burden as we handle risk, compliance and internal audits for you

Instantly onboard new customers

Leave all the regulation to us and instantly and automatically onboard your clients to our system.

Speed to market

Implement new financial services, generate new revenue streams, scale your business and go to market in a matter of weeks.

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Intergiro.3d enables you to go beyond transactions and deliver seamless digital experiences to your drivers and end-users