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Be part of the cryptocurrency movement that is changing the game. 

With Intergiro.3d, the world is spending cryptocurrencies with ease. Add fiat wallets alongside your crypto wallets, attach a Visa debit card and allow users to spend crypto in real time.

The world of blockchain in retail can be difficult to comprehend. But here’s the basic premise: your Visa debit card can now be swiped at checkout and spend any cryptocurrency at the point of sale.

Spend crypto

Spend crypto without having to change spending habits so your customers get a seamless experience.

  • Convert and spend crypto at every checkout
  • Purchase anything from a coffee to a brand-new car
  • No need to manually convert your crypto in advance

State of the art card programmes

Developed with redundancy, our security, privacy and compliance program helps our partners efficiently comply with international requirements.

  • PCI-certified APIs
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Dynamic spend controls
  • Live data feeds

Let’s explore what challenges are solved with Intergiro.3d


Cryptocurrency-only accounts

On-ramp and off-ramp of crypto continues to be one of the biggest friction points in the industry. Typically, users have to convert crypto to fiat and withdraw to their traditional bank accounts, often with high fees and delays.


Embed multi-currency accounts

Embed fiat wallets alongside your crypto wallets to provide users with instant exchange into their own personal IBAN and vice versa. They can use this IBAN to send and receive fiat as with a traditional bank account.


Complex process to spend crypto

Crypto acceptance is still in its infancy - finding merchants who accept crypto unfortunately remains rare. As a result, when HODLers want to pay expenses, they are forced to send money to and from exchanges - incurring fees and a sub-standard UX.


Spend crypto like cash

Your customers can now spend their crypto at any merchant thanks to Intergiro's in-house crypto authorisation engine. Empower a frictionless crypto lifestyle with your branded crypto Visa debit card.

Benefits for your customers

Benefits for your customers

  • Seamless spending

    Users can spend as they normally would, removing the need for transfers

  • Funds released in real time

    Funds in a crypto wallet can be accessed and converted to fiat in real time when the card is swiped

  • ATM withdraws

    ATM capability can be added to the card to bring crypto further into mainstream financial services

  • Tokenised cards

    Fully integrated with Google Pay and Apple Pay

Key features

Embed bank accounts

Enhance customer experience by issuing multi-currency bank accounts into your apps and products

Modernise spending

Instantly issue virtual and physical debit cards to your customers and allow them to spend their crypto in real time.

Payment processing

Enable users to instantly top up their accounts using debit and credit cards.

Compliance as a service

Reduce your administrative burden as we handle risk, compliance and internal audits for you

Instantly onboard new clients

Leave all the regulation to us and instantly and automatically onboard your clients to our system.

Speed to market

Implement new financial services, generate new revenue streams, scale your business and go to market in a matter of weeks.

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