Automate your financial operations

Control your finances with code and optimise your business processes with API access to accounts and payments.

Key features

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

  • Accounts

    Instantly access data from your accounts

  • Payments

    Create payments automatically

  • Transactions

    View all transactions and generate custom reports

  • Virtual cards (coming soon)

    Create a virtual card with just one click

Results that make a difference

Speed up your finance reporting while reducing errors

Connect your company’s finance applications to reconcile payments near-instantly.

Create 1000's of payments in seconds

Initiate all of your payments via API, with one click to approve them.

Save tens of hours of work from your finance team

Create and reconcile payments automatically, giving hours of time back to your finance team.

Getting started is easy

Easy set-up and control

  • Fast, easy onboarding and user permission options
  • Access and manage API keys directly from the customer portal
  • Scale your payments, with more control

Automation with a human touch

Delight your finance team

  • Automatically create payment batches without the need for manual input
  • Review and authorise the payment batches in a single click
  • Get transaction data via API to automate reconciliation & create custom reports

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